Squarespace Reviews: Pricing & Software Features Analysis


If the visual appeal of your business’s website is your Number one concern, then Squarespace is your go-to website builder. The builder is stuffed with meticulously designed templates and a editor not only full of features but also offering integrations with a wide selection of 3rd-party services (think Amazon, OpenTable, Bandsintown and much more). And whilst you don’t need coding experience to build a professional website with Squarespace, the editor does provide the flexibility of inserting your own HTML code for further customization of your site.

Squarespace’s sleek design philosophy carries over to the Editor, using a clean interface and easy drag-and-drop or click-to-select design. Whilst it appears easy to use, you might in fact be required to dig around to discover the features you’re looking for and how to edit them. However, with some patience, your gorgeous website can go live in no-time.


  • Squarespace is simple and user friendly for novices who aren’t very tech-savvy.
  • It has amazing Professionally designed templates.
  • It separately offers Domain with SSL/HTTPs and eCommerce stores.


  • Squarespace Is restricted to the features built into their proprietary platform.
  • Integrations are limited To a select couple of services and tools.

Squarespace Features

Squarespace Has carefully chosen features that contemporary professionals and bloggers could benefit most from. The platform did not use to priorities ecommerce attributes, but have in recent years enhanced so that the platform is more competitive with, say, Wix’s ecommerce features.

Let Us go through some main functions included on all or some plans.

  • Product catalogue: Business and Commerce plans include unlimited products. Insert variants, images, SEO details and more to each item.
  • Discounts: Set basic reductions on the Business plan, and limited or automatic reductions on the Commerce plans.
  • Checkout on your domain: About the Business strategy when customers need to cover, they’re redirected to Stripe or PayPal to complete the transaction. On higher plans, checkout occurs on a secure page on your website, which raises the feeling of safety and provides a consistent shopping experience.
  • Gift cards: On Advanced Commerce, you can sell digital gift cards to redeem on your online store. Regrettably, the other plans do not have this alternative.
  • Order management: Manage orders online or in the Squarespace Commerce program. The latter has limited performance, but enables you to remain on top of customer orders and editing fundamental merchandise details (such as uploading images) from the app. You can’t add new goods from the program.
  • Client accounts: If you tend to have returning customers, enable them to conserve their details as an accounts for next time they purchase on your site. This usually increases sales conversion, but note it is only on the Commerce programs.
  • Reports and analytics: Considering that the platform doesn’t integrate with external reporting software, you are reliant on the sales reporting within Squarespace which is essentially: export sales to a Excel document. Overall, the documents are adequate for a small organization, but you have to be on the Basic or Advanced Commerce plans with a lot of sales, as otherwise, you can battle with the constraints.

How Squarespace Works

Squarespace Is an all-in-one site platform for running and building a personal blog, business website or online store. Hosting is including, i.e. you receive a website builder, design templates and hosting of one website per subscription program.

Squarespace Is famous for their own trendy templates, so taking all of the design work from creating a new site.

The Ecommerce attributes are only accessible on the paid plans called Business, Basic Commerce or Advanced Commerce. The least expensive plan available, called Personal, doesn’t have online selling features, so we won’t pay that one in this review.

British Squarespace websites can be linked with Stripe to take Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Apple Pay payments. It is also likely to receive PayPal payments and mobile payments via Venmo (possessed by PayPal).

How Much Does Squarespace Cost?

Each Person who creates a site on Squarespace starts off with a two-week trial.

This Allows you to learn more about the platform and create a site using one of its high-quality website templates. Throughout the trial, you can upload your own special content and even share the website with friends for feedback.

If you enjoy what you See, you can continue using Squarespace by registering to one of four accessible premium programs.

The personal plan Expenses $16 a month, the company plan prices $26 per month, the basic commerce plan costs $30 a month and the advanced commerce plan costs $46 per strategy.

Pricing is reduced to a Successful rate of $12 per month, $18 a month, $26 per month and $40 per month if you choose to pay annually.

All Squarespace plans Come with a free domain, cellular optimization, 24/7 support, and infinite storage and bandwidth for hosting your own website.

Basic eCommerce It is possible to remove this fee and include more online shopping features by simply updating to the fundamental or advanced eCommerce programs.

For a comprehensive breakdown Of what features can be found in each plan.

Our Verdict

Squarespace Is primarily for personal sites, professionals and small online businesses making money through products (physical and digital), services and donations. Brick-and-mortar shops with a major stock will probably benefit more from retail-focused ecommerce platforms such as Shopify or BigCommmerce.

You Don’t pick Squarespace for the broadest selection of attributes. You select it to make the best-looking site, with little previous knowledge about web design. The fonts, templates, colors – what – are closely curated to make it super-quick creating a stunning site without having a designer.

You May need a photographer or great stock image website, though, because nearly all of the templates depend on amazing imagery.

The Platform is user-friendly, but with a few limitations about what can be inserted Within topics. This is a upside for People Who don’t need an overly complicated Website builder, but a frustration for those who prefer maximum customization Capabilities with room to grow through additional apps.